Someone made me watch a few episodes of Parks & Recreation. Am I supposed to like Leslie? The only way I could get through the episodes was by focusing on the mustache guy… and a bit on the wannabe musician. (both are weirdly attractive for all the wrong reasons. my taste in men is ..well…also weird. except for the silver fox, of course.)

It’s not like I have no other shows to watch so I’m kind of glad it wasn’t for me

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Author Chuck Palahniuk first came up with the idea for the novel after being beaten up on a camping trip when he complained to some nearby campers about the noise of their radio. When he returned to work, he was fascinated to find that nobody would mention or acknowledge his injuries, instead saying such commonplace things as “How was your weekend?” Palahniuk concluded that the reason people reacted this way was because if they asked him what had happened, a degree of personal interaction would be necessary, and his workmates simply didn’t care enough to connect with him on a personal level. It was his fascination with this societal ‘blocking’ which became the foundation for the novel. 

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what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?

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in our garden

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today is a weird day. i went to the shops for some lunch .. and the building next to it was in flames Oo

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#they've been trying to put it out for some time a woman told me (not that I asked) #and some people stopped to film it while others didn't take any notice and just carrie don with their shopping #what is my life

I feel like a proper adult today because I phoned up my landlady (and a school and other people) to talk about things like vermin and bills and jobs. 

And now I’m exhausted.

And it’s not even 11am.

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#I'm watching a documentary about restoring a painting. that should help. it's wonderfully calming somehow #what is my life #'and' is the letter of the day -.-

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The Tenth Doctor’s Suit Button Analysis - now in Tumblr-image form!

Because the manner in which the suit is buttoned is important.  No, really.  It is!

In all honesty though, I’m rather impressed that DT took it upon himself to change it up.  Keeping up with these tiniest of details is just another sign of how dedicated he was to Doctor Who.

The list owes much to Unfolded73’s Button Analysis on LiveJournal. As far as I’m aware she was the first to do the analysis back in March 2009 and share it with the world.

For the pedant in us all.

in which david is obsessed with his suit buttons…

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BBCA Intruders Nerd HQ panel (2014)

The Elevator Story

Every floor, someone got on, like a robot and Chewbacca and then some aliens and eventually — and everybody was drunk and it was very late and I was thinking “am I gonna get away with this?”
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